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Elsewhere Latest news updates. Written by Dennis, June 2. Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres photographs. Heres a series of photographs of Vangelis recent appointment as commander in the Order of Arts and Letters, the highest cultural honour awarded by the French government. See our June 4 update for more details. Frdric Mitterrand presents the medal. Jack Lang, Frederic Mitterand, HH Empress Farah Pahlavi, Laura, Vangelis and Monique Lang. Beauty and the Beast may be the most anticipated movie of 2017. The Program For Better Vision Cambridge. When the first teaser trailer was released in the spring, it was viewed a record 91. Luke Plunkett. Luke Plunkett is a Contributing Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs. The theatrical release of the new Blade Runner 2049 movie has sparked a lot of interest in the original movie and its Vangelis score in particular. Target has Halloween costumes for boys and ghouls of all sizes along with all the party supplies to be sure your Halloween parties are frighteningly fun. Classic HannaBarbera cartoons get the comic book treatment. COMICS FOR DANGEROUS HUMANS. DCS YOUNG ANIMAL. All Eyez on Me 2017 Full Movie Watch Online or Download instant free on your Desktop, Laptop, notepad, smart phone, iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro, And all others. Vangelis with his personal assistant, Paulette Tacod. A Cake for the occasion. Beauty And The Beast Movie Online 2017 Full-Length' title='Beauty And The Beast Movie Online 2017 Full-Length' />Philippe Colonna with Vangelis. Vangelis and Laura. Written by Dennis, June 4, 2. French government honors Vangelis Commandeur des Arts et des LettresVangelis is about to awarded with the highest possible honor granted by the French ministry of culture, when he will be appointed Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres. He is already a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres since 1. Chevalier de la Legion dhonneur since 2. Sequence-01-Still103.jpg?pubId=4221396001&videoId=5212516103001' alt='Beauty And The Beast Movie Online 2017 Full-Length' title='Beauty And The Beast Movie Online 2017 Full-Length' />Vangelis will receive the appropriate medal for his new position from former minister of culture Frdric Mitterrand at a private ceremony in Paris, this coming week. Special thanks to Kevin NolanBeauty And The Beast Movie Online 2017 Full-LengthWritten by Dennis, May 2. Vangelis music videos on VEVOs You. Tube channel. Official music video host Vevo has posted three official Vangelis music video clips from the Polydor archives on their You. Tube channel, all complete and in great quality. The two Jon Vangelis clips in particular are in crisp quality. Watch Anderson and Vangelis enjoy their spoof the Top of the Pops miming format, by purposefully performing instruments not heard in the song. The Chariots Of Fire music video comes with an interesting anecdote. While Vangelis appears to smoke a cigarette in this video, Vangelis never actually smoked cigarettes. During preparations, the tray with a burning cigarette was placed on the piano by the director of the music video, who wanted a touch of smoke in the air, to soften his shots. During test shots he asked Vangelis to keep the cigarette burning, and the footage of Vangelis inhaling ended up in the actual video. Delectus on i. Tunes USATo clarify and correct our earlier reporting While the separate remaster releases of neither See You Later nor Private Collection where rolled out on i. Tunes in the States, the tracks of these albums, including their bonus tracks, can be purchased in the US i. Tunes store, since all of Delectus has been available there, since a short time. Thanks to Anthony Owsley for verification and clarification. Vangelis mentioned in Future. Music magazine. The current issue nr 3. ALTERNATES/s615b/Beauty-and-the-Beast-film-photocall-Shanghai-China-27-Feb-2017.jpg' alt='Beauty And The Beast Movie Online 2017 Full-Length' title='Beauty And The Beast Movie Online 2017 Full-Length' />Future. Music magazine has an article on electronic music, and Vangelis is briefly mentioned, with a rarely seen photograph included. Written by Dennis, May 2. Separate Polydor remaster releases. Earlier this month, Universal Music in the UK has released separate CD versions for twelve of the remastered albums recently released in the shape of the Delectus box set. Any of the bonus tracks however have been omitted and remain unique to the Delectus Box set release. The one album that was not re issued separately is the Chariots of Fire soundtrack, probably because it was the only album for which this master was previously available. The new releases have been provided with new art work, in line with other remasters, like the RCA albums Heaven Hell, Albedo 0. Direct, or the Odes and Rapsodies remasters. Around the same time, the albums became available through i. Tunes, Amazon and Spotify on the US market, however, the two albums with bonus tracks Private Collection and See You Later are currently unavailable. Thanks to Don Fennimore for verifying some information. Also thanks to everyone else who wrote in about these releases while our post on this was pending. Mr. VLong time Vangelis collabator engineer and co producer Frederick Rousseau has released a new solo album Edge of Silence as digital and streaming media i. Tunes, Spotify, etc. One of its tracks is called Mr. V in an obvious tribute to the Greek maestro and the gently improvised melodies on soft electric piano and tender synth tones including Yamaha CS 8. Do also check out the other songs on the album. At least for me, Fredericks musical output continues to have a special appeal. Written by Dennis, April 1. First shots of Blade Runner picture disc. Record Store Day is coming up on Saturday April 2. Blade Runner picture disc release of Vangelis score on vinyl are popping up on social media. Click the images for the original Tweets Do realize that releases for Record Store Day will not be available on line. These releases are intended to provide a boost to physical stores, who get to sell these products under the condition that they will not allow their customers to order them on line or even pre order reserve them. These releases are purchased only by personally visiting a participating shop, and hoping that shop received stock and did not yet sell out. Good luck hunting this one The US release is on the Atlantic Catalog Group label, while a UK pressing is released under the Rhino label. Here you can check whether the Blade Runner picture disc will be reaching stores in your country. Find links to a list for US releases at the top, and links to other countries at the bottom. News. Item6. 76. Written by Sufian, March 2. French National Centre for Space Studies video. French space astronaut Jean Franois Clervoy is featured on a new video for the French Agency for Space Studies CNES. Clervoy flew on three NASA Space Shuttle missions and today works for the European Space Agency ESA. In the video Clervoy recalls last years successful Rosetta mission, and speaks in particular about his admiration for the music of Vangelis, and on the music last September for the Rosetta mission. Thanks to Marcel Delorme for the heads up. Limited edition picture disc This year is the 3. Ridley Scotts Blade Runner, a limited edition picture disc on 1. Vangelis soundtrack is being released exclusively for Record Store Day, both in the UK and the US. The title will be available from independent record shops on Saturday 2. April for Record Store Day. The title is limited to 3. Written by Dennis, March 1. Forminx on Greek TVEarlier this week, Greek TV station ERT broadcast an almost hour long special about Vasilis Bakopoulos, band member of The Forminx, the Greek pop band that a young Vangelis co founded in the mid sixties. The special includes footage as well as photographs from those days. A present time Vangelis appears over a Skype connection for a few minutes, starting somewhere near the 2. Written by Dennis, February 1. Delectus digital release and moreAll 1. CDs in the Delectus box set are now available on digital sources, such as i. Tunes and Spotify, although the US, Canada and a few other territories seem to be excluded. Also, the The Times newspaper in the UK reviewed the album, calling Vangelis. Written by Dennis, February 5, 2. Delectus 1. 3 CD box set elsew. The physical box set. Its time to review the physical side of Delectus, Vangelis new 1. CD boxset. For a comprehensive review of the audio quality, please check part 1 of our review, posted last Friday. About the appearance of this set, we can be very clear This is one stunning product to look at, or hold in your hands. The actual box is made from sturdy cardboard material with a classy textured surface. Its an LP sized case where the right side remains open, so that the contents can slide in and out. Movies News MTV. Movies. Actress Kristina Cohen alleged that the Gossip Girl star raped her three years ago, a claim Westwick has flatly denied.