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Nadra Smart Card Tracking ID and Features. National Database and Registration Authority NADRA has recently launched Smart Card Tracking ID so here is the complete features along with the other discussion that how it works and the benefits of the Nadra Smart ID Card. Mr. Tariq Malik who is the chairmen of the NADRA introduce the Smart ID card to the media and also describes its features that how this ID card can be differentiate from the older one. While introducing the new ID card he said that this is the 3rd Generation technology which is based on a chip based identity documents, This documents are build according to the international standard that is why it has 3. ID card in the world. Other thing that keep in mind while designing this ID card is the security so that it can not be used for the wrong or unethical purposes. Other thing while introducing the NADRA Tracking Smart ID Card by Tariq Malik said that the higher management will make sure the personal privacy of all the nationals as it is asked by a reporter that this card can break the privacy of any person easily so where is the personal privacy as it can be easily tracked by the person sitting on the software. But Tariq malik replied that this is the best way to stop all the unlawful activities in Pakistan as we can track the wrong person easily while the other thing of privacy will make sure by the higher management of NADRA. Smart ID Card Fee Initially NADRA will issued the Smart ID card to the national for the period of 1. Normal fee of the NADRA Tracking Smart ID card is Rs. SCNIC will be issued for you while if the card is expire and you want to renew it then the fee is just Rs. The process to get this smart card is same as you follow to get the CNIC from the NADRA there is no new step introduce in getting this. NADRA Tracking ID Card Features This is a chip based identity card that is made through a 3. You can use this card in multidimensional usage and services like E Tag, Driving License, Weapon License, Passport, School card, Health card and Voting Etc. One can use this card in different Social and financial inclusion programs. State of the art encryption technology is used in this smart card so that it can be saved from theft or being used in unethical activities. Live identification of captures fingerprints are use in this NADRA Tracking card. Through this card one can easily get its pension. Cracker Barrel Logo Font. The card holder will get accidental death insurance of Rs. We Provide Valuable Online Information of PPSC SPSC FPSC NTS Educator MCQs General Knowledge Everyday Science English Urdu Math Physics Chemistry Computer Science. Electronic mail email or email is a method of exchanging messages between people using electronics. Email first entered substantial use in the 1960s and by the mid. Cnic Tracking Software' title='Cnic Tracking Software' />The card is made while keep in mind the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO standards. Both the English and Urdu language is being written on the Smart Card so that it can be useful for the overseas Pakistanis. It has Laser engraved photograph, Optical variable diagram, QR code and machine readable zone. Cnic Tracking Software' title='Cnic Tracking Software' />Nadra Smart Card Tracking Number Check Status Online Free. NADRA National Database and Registration authority is well reputed Government Department. Here we are talking about Nadra Smart Card Tracking Number Check Status Online Free details. NADRA is working under the Ministry of Interior and this department is collecting National Citizen Data base. In NADRA  1. 1,0. NADRA department 8. Here we want to mention old method of card was based on manual system but now since 2. National Identity Card system introduced for Pakistan National. On Nadra Smart Card one person name, father name, permanent address, temporary address, gender, issue date, car expire date, photos, signature, religion a and thumb print is printed by NADRA. CNIC smart card is very important thing because without this card you have no any identification. According to Government of Pakistan only Computerize smart card is acceptable for any working. If you want to apply passport or apply for any admission or job then on very stage NADRA card shows your identification. Nadra Smart Card Tracking Number Check Method Now you can track your Nadra Smart Card through tracking system. Nadra is giving online website for Nadra Smart Card Tracking Number Check Status without any single one peny charges. Ocr Matlab Code'>Ocr Matlab Code. Click here. After click you can see Nadra Smart Card Tracking Number check online page. Enter you Nadra Form number or Receipt Number, CNIC number, NIC number. Now select card type NICOP or POCClick on check Status option and get Nadra Smart Card Tracking Number Check Status. Nadra Smart Card Tracking Method This is technology world and now in Pakistan internet availability is common for every home and commercial users. Before ten year all government and private sector working style was based on manual system. Manual system was always slow and taking extra lazy time but after technology revolution all things changed gradually. At home Pakistan National citizen can get NADRA online application for and also submits NADRA card fee  and after certain time period Nadra Smart Card will send on your home address and yes this is very simple and quick method.