Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Bots

Download cs 1 6 with zombie bots. Counter Strike 1. Zombie mod contains following game types zombie swarm. Download clear original Counter Strike 1. CS 1. 6 for free, get it nowBot Zombie Mod Counter Strike Online Wiki. Bot Zombie Mod is a mode with bots support in Counter Strike Online. Official description. Players will be divided into zombie and human teams. Minority of the players will become zombies including a bot zombie and majority of players will become humans. Zombie team needs to infect human players within the round time, and human team player must either survive or annihilate all zombies. Human Either stay alive for the remaining round time or annihilate all zombies. Zombie Infect human players into zombies. Overview. Bot Zombie Mod is similar to Zombie The Original, The only difference is bots are available with various difficulties to play with and there are no skills for both human Deadly Shot, Sprint, etc. Berserk, Stealth, etc. Nata Knife, Hammer, Luger Silver and Holy Bomb are unusable in this mode. Tips. Human players are recommended to stick together to fight against zombies for their survival. Bot zombies chase the humans without any retreats. They chase what they see, and rarely take a look behind. Throw grenades at a horde of the zombies for maximum damage. The fate of hiding in the ducts is death if you do not own a strong weapon with high reserve ammunition. In ducts, the bats will always fly out if someone has entered from the right entrance. This is useful when you are camping in duct and can detect where are the zombies coming from. Y6vUvl_TbU/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Bots' title='Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Bots' />Human players will never be chosen as the Origin zombies. Bots that are moving around the map and not positioned in the camping spots early have the highest chance of being selected as Origin zombies. Bot zombies are very aware to front stabs, try to avoid this situation. Stun and knockback effects are less applied in this mode. Zombies can change human targets if any of them near their sight or left the camp zone. BOTs weapons. Compatible maps. Achievements. Premium Supply Box Event. Random Premium Code Box weapons can be found randomly in the map. South Korea 2. 0 August 3 September 2. Trivia. Killing teammates also counts towards unlocking higher bot difficulties. As the difficulty increases, zombified bots are smarter than human bots. Crack Team Fortress 2 No Steam'>Crack Team Fortress 2 No Steam. Rockmelt Browser Full Setup For Windows 7. Bots can be killed before a zombie shows up, if friendly fire is allowed. Windows 7 With Product Key there. Zombified bots will speak via voice chatting, but nothing can be heard unlike human bots. If observed, stray bots will be chosen as zombies. Counter Strike 1.6 Bot Atma' title='Counter Strike 1.6 Bot Atma' />Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie EscapeCounter Strike 1. Zombie Bots CsTelecharger Counter Strike 1.