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I have been excited about Hakuoki Kyoto Winds for quite a while nowAlthough the series is a little outdated in comparison to all the new otome game releases in the past couple of years, Ive always had a soft spot for it as being one of the first otomes I ever played. It has always remained a solid staple of the english otome game releases thus far, and it essentially is the title that really caught the attention of localisation companies. It proved that there was indeed a target market for the niche genre within the western community. When Idea Factory International reached out to me for a collaboration, I was ecstatic Although I initially didnt plan on playing the remake as I played both the original Demon of the Fleeting Blossom on PSP and Stories of the Shinsengumi on PS3 I was still curious as to how they were going to approach a revamp for the series. The important aspect to remember is that Kyoto Winds ONLY includes Chapter 1 5 of the original game. The second part has yet to be officially announced, and youre only receiving the first half of the original storyline before it branches into the seperate bachelor routes. Although I initially wasnt a fan of splitting the game into two halves, after playing through it I can understand why they made the decision. Hakuoki to begin with has always been a very textcontent heavy game, with great emphasis on the overarching historical timeline of events. As they have refined and added a lot of additional dialoguewriting to the original game, the beginning chapters are significantly longer and offer many more hours of gameplay. There are also an additional 5 bachelor routes in comparison to the original 7, as well as new event CGs. Due to the sheer amount of selectable bachelors each having their own routes, marketing and writing wise it made the most sense to split the game into two. I was surprisingly quite impressed with the new additions to the game, and enjoyed playing the remake despite already being very familiar with the series. Impressions on the Limited Edition. I was actually really surprised by how large the box for the Limited Edition was when it arrived in the mail. The box is really well made and sturdy featuring lovely cover art for the game. Normally I dont like to keep game packaging, but the one for Hakuoki Kyoto Winds was just too lovely to throw out laughs. I really liked how snugly all the items fit inside the box, and it was designed very well. It features an exclusive bento box, furoshiki, official soundtrack disk, hard cover art book and of course a physical version of the game. The bento box is made out of bamboo, and was nicer than I expected. It definitely made a lovely match with the large furoshiki, which features art of all the bachelors from the game. However, I personally think the bento box is more suitable as a display piece or as an accessory container than as an actual bento box for use. My favourite aspect of the LE was definitely the hardcover art book, as it included a lot of CG art from the game as well as detailed character profiles and insights into the overarching storyline. It provided a lot of extra information on the bachelors, and draft artwork leading up to their final designs. Overall, its a solid LE and definitely a step up from the previous LEs for the Hakuoki series. I recommend purchasing it if you love exclusive well made display items and are a huge fan of Hakuoki Purchasing the LE definitely shows support for the series, and would lead to better LEs in future. Other than that, then I wouldnt say the LE is an absolute must have. The game is still very enjoyable with or without the extra content. Storyline  The Story Japans Edo Period was drawing to a close. The shogunate, whod held power in the country for more than 2. In the midst of this political unrest, an organization rose to prominence The Shinsengumi. Originally formed to protect the streets of Kyoto from masterless samurai, they came to represent the last, tragic bastion of the honor bound samurai culture that had defined much of Japans history. A young woman by the name of Chizuru comes to Kyoto in search of her missing father, and soon encounters danger and the Shinsengumi in quick succession. When it becomes clear the Shinsengumi are also searching for her father, Chizuru is put under their protection. But odd things are afoot in Kyotopossibly even supernatural things. Drawing Numbering System Iso'>Drawing Numbering System Iso. Can Chizuru navigate this maze of mortal danger and political intrigueAmidst so much misery and death, can she find romanceOfficial Website SummaryThe website summary actually encompasses the story outline very well, so I wont delve into it further here. The Hakuoki series has always been well known for its interesting premise and powerfully interwoven storyline with Japans historical period of social unrest and change. It incorporates key elements such as fantasy, love, friendship and betrayal to create an immersive and memorable storyline. The world of Hakuoki is thoroughly fleshed out and demonstrates impressive world building, as the historical events propels both the storyline forward and the development of the characters. Theyre caught in between the cross fire of a political war that acts as the catalyst for change and the beginning of a new era. A battle that would only imminently end in defeat, and inflict unimaginable death, despair and suffering as there is never a true victor in the aftermaths of war. The characters are on the losing faction, and are forced to question their own beliefs and morality as their organisation once built upon camaraderie and unwavering trust slowly corrupts from within. They come to the daunting realisation that with the changing world, there is no longer a place for samurai. Their resolute beliefs on what constituted as an honourable warrior were now considered remnants of the past, and wars were no longer won through sheer will or ones skill in battle. For these men who lived and died by their blades, their once unshakeable beliefs had wavered and their very existences are rendered meaningless. It is the answering of these existentialist concepts tied in with significant character development over the course of the plot, that makes the storyline of the Hakuoki series so memorable. The writing in the remake Kyoto Winds is quite impressive, and refines the storytelling from the original game. There is just so much more description and attention to the finer details of the story, that is noticeable right from the very beginning. The additional narration also gives Chizuru so much more personality, and provides the audience with a better understanding of her thought processes towards her own circumstances and the other characters in the game. As the first half is mainly dedicated to the historical events leading into the main complication of the storyline, it can be quite stale at times and very lengthy to read. If youre not a fan of long introductions, slow storyline pacing and a greater focus on the plot rather than the romances between the characters then Hakuoki Kyoto Winds may not be the game for you. As the first half of the remake only covers Chapter 1 5, it ends just before the common route branches into the character paths in the original. 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