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Home Quentin. Cs playroom. Welcome to the Playroom. The Playroom is a free online gaming platform, especially made to be accessible to visually impaired people. FB Recruiting Steve Wiltfong How Iowa finds players that fit the Hawkeyes unique culture. Heres how Kirk Ferentz and company identify undervalued talent. Union Knights Football Team Sports league web site provided and hosted free of charge by LeagueLineup. The Youth and Amateur Sports PortalWeight Loss After Gastric Sleeve How Much Weight Can You Lose In 7 Days Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve How To Calculate Weight Loss In Percentage Diet Plans To. NYPD BLUE PROGRAM of the YEAR ABC TVs most varied, humane, and exciting drama took more chances this year. C-nZPNhiI/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Game Scoop 255' title='Game Scoop 255' />Anyone can connect Join us now At the moment, there are 4. There is no less than 2. Action Figures, Toys, Bobble Heads, Gifts, and Collectibles. Mint Condition Guaranteed, 90Day Hassle Free Returns, Low Price Guarantee, Risk Free Shopping, Thousands. In fact, if you dont want to play but just talk and share with other community members, you can simply come and create free discussion tables. Quick links. Sign in. Currently on the Playroom. A record of 6. 16 players simultaneously connected all languages together, and 2. Play now Make a donation Did you enjoy the playroom Help us to keep it online and to improve it by making a donation News. Nov 1. 5 2. Aminiel. Hello all,Today, the web client is modernizing, as well as the whole website. This is the first part of a bigger and more ambitious update, which, we hope, will follow before 2. Main changes to the web client Equally as in windows client, a real history as well as channels and views are now also available on the web client. Improved stability of speech with Voice. Over, on Safari i. OS, Safari Mac. OS and Firefox i. OSImprovements for Firefox and Crhome PC windows and linuxFor sighted people, a few dispositiondisplay options are available. Definitely stopping support of Internet Explorer 6 to 1. Windows 7 All Pack Cracked Tongue. Removed reading mode with browser speech synthesis, which was anyway quite limitet, and now low interest since speech is better managed width Voice. Over. General changes on the website You can now choose your timezone, date and number format, under options display options. This also affects dates displayed in windows client, most notably on forum and permanent messages. Improved input help and nickname autocompletion in web forms. Various CSS updates. Our team worked well for this update, but we dont have all possible configurations that you can have as users. There are certainly still bugs. WE invite you to post them here in case. Thank you for your collaboration on bug reporting, and have fun on the playroom Sep 8 2. Aminiel. Hello all,7 years ago, your favorite gaming platform was started for the firs time on a small and modest server. At the time, there was only a single game and one could count the number of players on the hands of the administrator team. It was the beginning of our great adventure the one which, since that time, fill us with wonder as much as you. There was quite a lot of adventure thousends of bugs, capricious and even phantom connections, only half working new games, and a version 1 quite limited. Then the small and unruly baby grew and progressively became a child and a teenager version 2 came up, solid teams of administrators, translators, helpers and quiz validator corrector have been formed, connections statilized, many new games have appeared, we became an international and multilingual phenomenon and then also came the forum, private messages and the tournaments. It makes 7 years today that everything began. Is the playroom now an adult One could easily think so if the activity of the players never stopped and even still grows day after day, the central core of the nest seem on its side to have fallen quite asleep these last two years. Asleep Really In fact, no, not at all If there are no breaking news today, its not because we felt asleep on our laurels really not No, no, the central core of the nest doesnt sleep. Even if they stay quite discreet, a few precursory signs shouldnt fool you. In truth, since several weeks now, we are bubbling in excitement However, instead of proposing you something that isnt totally finished, full of bugs and that may leave you on your hunger, as we already could have done it more or less cluncily in the past, this time we have decided to wait. When the time come, when we are ready to present you true news, will then come the great event of all delights. At the moment though, it appears to us that its far too early. Seven years, age of reason Wouldnt be that age at which we accept finally to wait for the right moment, instead of falling childishly under the day of all whimesHappy birthday and long live the playroom. Apr 2. 4 2. 01. 4 by Aminiel. Hello everybody,With a slight delay, the easter rabbit visited us on the Playroom. Beside eggs in black chocolate we particularely like in the team, just like some others prefer white ducks, two news of great importance appeared Rummy got an important lifting, and proposes now several new options to give you more various games three game modes traditional, normal and challenge manipulation of combinations already on the table similarly as the plastic tiles version of the game is like a new combination type, identities artificial intelligence of bots which improved a lot and of course the usual old bug fixing session. For more information, you can look at the update summary page and the rules, which have been updated as needed. The Playroom is enriching with the addition of a new language, German From now on, you will indeed be able to play your favourite game in Goetes, William Tells and Einsteins language. At the moment, the website, the windows client, and six games are translated, rest will progressively arrive. Applauses and a great thank to Mario, who is already working a lot since some time to allow us this release. Enjoy these news, and dont eat too much chocolate See you soon for new adventures. Mar 8 2. 01. 4 by Aminiel. Hello all,A new game appeared on the list this afternoon, Ninety nine. Its goal is to reach a total of 3. Rules are already available in all four languages by clicking on the link above, so read them carefully before playing, you have no excuse. We hope you enjoy playing this new game, and see you next time for more news Dec 2. Aminiel. Hello,The playroom team wishes you merry christmas, and is very happy to present you his new feature a message system This new messaging feature will allow you to send messages that will be much less ephemeral than PM. The later wont nonetheless disappear, because they still remain extremely practical for quick and spontaneous communications your inbox is an excellent complement to this, which will be very useful to send messages that should be kept, or for moments when your recipients arent online. Your inbox is directly accessible within the playroom client, under features and more, or directly on the web. By default, you can only send messages to your friends. You might modify that setting and decide to accept messages from anyone by going under your privacy settings, but we discourage you to do it as you could become flooded. It is possible to send a message to multiple recipients at the same time, up to 5. To do it, just specifiy more than one name in the corresponding field and separate them by commas or semicolons. You can also invite people to a discussion later, there could be up to 6 participants. May this feature enjoy you a lot make a good and fair use of it, and happy holiday season to you again. Sep 8 2. 01. 3 by Aminiel. The playroom web client is now available in beta, for everybody. Already since a long time, we regularely receive questions to know if one can play on the playroom from a mac, on an i. Phone, under linux, or sometimes even from ones TV or fridge. So we asked ourselves if it wasnt possible, for those who arent on windows, to play on a common interface. It was of course impossible to begin programming 3.