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Hanyang University Wikipedia. Hanyang University is one of the leading private research universities of South Korea, especially in the field of engineering. The main campus is in Seoul, and its branch, the Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan, or ERICA campus, is located in Ansan. Hanyang derives from the former name of the capital Seoul used during the Chosun Dynasty. The university was established as an engineering institute Dong. A Engineering Institute in 1. Hanyang University with its motto and educational philosophy of Love in Deed and Truth. Hanyang University enrolls over 2,0. Hanyang University was founded as Dong A Engineering Institute on July 1, 1. Japanese occupation of Korea. Dong A Institute started with 6. Jongno gu, Seoul. After producing its first graduates in 1. Dong A tried to elevate itself to college status, to no avail. In May 1. 94. 1, the Institute relocated and offered education specializing in engineering and technology to 1. In 1. 94. 3, with Korea still under Japanese occupation, the Institute was suspended from recruiting new students, which resulted in a temporary shut down of the school on March 1. Upon the restoration of the nations independence in August 1. Dong A Institute renamed itself the Engineering Institute for National Foundation and settled at 2. Shindang dong, Seoul. Institute founder Dr. Kim Lyun joon foresaw the importance of industrial advancement in the reconstruction of Korea, and established Hanyang as a judicial and academic body. The board of trustees at that time included Myowook Lee, Byeongok Cho, Kwansoo Baik, Wonchul Lee, Waljoon Kim, Taeyong Choi, and Lyunjoon Kim, who had led the nations independence movement. In July 1. 94. 8, the school was accredited as the first four year engineering college in Korea with Kim Lyun joon as the first Dean. Six departments were set up including Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering, Architecture, Chemical, and Mining as well as an Engineering High School and a middle school. Although during the Korean War, many of the schools facilities were destroyed and the professors and students were scattered, classes were continued in Busan with temporary teachers. However, even during their refuge, the College fostered numerous competent science teachers by building a training center for secondary school teachers in the technical fields. In 1. 95. 3, it was authorized as a graduate school by the Ministry of Education. The building was restored in Haengdang dong, Seongdong gu, Seoul and it is still the current address of Hanyang University. In February 1. 95. Hanyang University seeks for international talents who would like to spend a semester or a year in Hanyang University to excel in their own field even further. Hanyang ERICA Summer School HESS This program gives you great insights and first hand experience on Korean culture and language. During this program you get. First published in 1987, World Education News Reviews WENR is an authoritative news and information source for professionals in international education. Korea History of the Korean peninsula from prehistoric times to the 1953 armistice ending the Korean War 195053. For later developments, see North Korea. Attention. All courses are 3 credits except for Taekwondo 1 credit. Each course is taught 3 hours per day, for 15 days during the program. Courses are taught From. The following month Hanyang University formed the university foundation and Kim Lyun joon was inaugurated as the first President. The University started with 1. College of Engineering, the College of Liberal Arts and Science and the College of Politics and Economy and 6 departments offering evening courses. As the University has expanded its size, the Colleges of Music, Physical Education and Education were newly established. By adding the College of Medicine, 4. Hanyang Korean Language Program' title='Hanyang Korean Language Program' />Hanyang University ERICA Campus. Office of International Affairs. Address 55 Hanyangdaehakro, Sangnokgu, Ansan, Gyeonggido, 15588, Korea. Contact. Hanyang University Medical Center was established in 1. Ansan. The newly established campus was named the Hanyang Banwol Campus at that time and was renamed as the Ansan Campus in 1. Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan ERICA, in September, 2. OrganizationseditSeoul Campusedit. Hanyang University Seoul, 2. The Seoul Campus is home to 1. IMG_8700(1).JPG' alt='Hanyang Korean Language Program' title='Hanyang Korean Language Program' />Seoul Campus, in particular, is made up of a variety of research centers according to field of academics that promote study and cooperation. Seoul campus has more than 6. Hanyang Womens University and Hanyang Cyber University. There are 5 gates into the campus. The map of both campuses can be downloaded on the website. Recently, the school built a few new buildings on campus. The new administration building was completed in February 2. Summer-School06.jpg' alt='Hanyang Korean Language Program' title='Hanyang Korean Language Program' />HYUs 7. The Business Administration Building A is a specially designed learning environment for business and management students and professionals. Hanyang Institute of Technology HIT, located behind the main library, is a home to 2. Fusion Technology Center FTC was also built to advance the fields of science and technology and the Center currently houses a number of research centers. Jaeseong Civil Engineering building is a beautiful glass covered building that has various cutting edge civil engineering labs and research institutes. ERICA Campusedit. Hanyang ERICA Administrative Building. Lions Lake at ERICA campus, Ansan. Hanyang Univ. ERICA Guest House. ERICA DomesticInternational Dormitory. The ERICA campus is located in Ansan, Gyeonggi Do Province, approximately 4. Batch File Renamer Os X on this page. Seoul. 9 There are buses that operate to the Hanyang University Subway Station Green Line No. Ansan Subway Station Light Blue Line No. Intercity Bus Terminal. There is also a free shuttle bus service, making transportation safe and convenient. There are two type of shuttle bus, one is going for Bus Terminal and another is going for Subway Station. The ERICA campus was on 1,3. Ansan. It is home to 8 colleges and the College of General Studies. A total of 4. 4 majors are offered, including 3 interdisciplinary divisions, 2. Additionally, in 2. College of Pharmacy was established. Graduate SchoolseditThe graduate programs of Hanyang University are divided into three schools The General Graduate School, Professional Graduate School, and Special Graduate School. Professional Graduate schools focus more on practical studies while Special Graduate Schools focuses on research related to fieldwork. Meanwhile, Hanyang Universities General Graduate School can be summarized as follows Masters Programs 7. Doctoral Programs 7. ProgramseditSeoul campus. The Seoul campus of HYU offers undergraduate programs in. Engineering. Medicine. Humanities. Social Sciences. Natural Sciences. Policy Sciences. Economics Finance. Business. Education. Human Ecology. Music. Theatre and Film. Art and Physical Education. International Studies. Nursing. Industrial Convergence. ERICA campus. The ERICA campus in Ansan offers programs in. Engineering Sciences. Pharmacy. Science Technology. Languages Cultures. Communication Social Sciences. Journalism and masscommunication. Advertising. Public Relation. Business Economics. Design. Sports Arts. Graduate school. The HYU Graduate School offers graduate programs in. Graduate School. Urban Studies. International Studies. Global Business. School of Medicine. School of Law. Biomedical Science Engineering. Technology Innovation Management. Engineering. Public Policy. Education. Journalism Mass Communication. International Tourism. Information and Clinical Nursing. Innovation. Business Management. International programs1. Reinforcing Language Education, Global G2 English Chinese Program First introduced in 2. G2 English Chinese Language Education Program obligates the completion of an English and Chinese course and adopts the submission of an official grade of both languages as a mandatory requirement. In addition, Hanyang is strengthening its ties with other universities such as Tsinghua University, China with its establishment of Confucius Academy. Global 3. 0 Project Connects the World Global 3. Rangkaian Usb To Serial'>Rangkaian Usb To Serial. Program explores internationalization in the areas of education, research and industry cooperation. This project was induced to make Hanyang a prestigious university at a global level. Education in South Korea. By Nick Clark, Editor, World Education News Reviews, and. Hanna Park, WES Group Manager for the Asia Middle East region. In this article, we offer an introduction to the education system of South Korea, with insight on how best to evaluate common academic credentials from both the secondary and tertiary system. As a follow up to this profile, WES offered a free interactive webinar on June 1. Hanna Park, WES Group Manager for the Asia Middle East region, with opportunities to submit Korea related questions at the end of the session. If you missed this session, you can listen to an archived recording of the session here. Introduction. At 1. UNESCO 2. 01. 0, South Korea has the highest tertiary gross enrollment ratio of any country in the world total enrollment in tertiary education, regardless of age, expressed as a percentage of the total population of the five year age group following on from secondary school, a statistic that is emblematic of the premium that is placed on education in the Republic of Korea. Sixty five percent of Korean 2. OECD 2. 01. 0, while over 9. By both measures, Korea ranks Number One among OECD countries. Based on international test scores, graduation rates and the prevalence of higher education seekers, South Korea is widely perceived as having one of the best K 1. A study by education firm Pearson, with data from the Economist Intelligence Unit, found South Korea to have the second best education system in the world after Finland. South Korea is also well known for the results its school children achieve in the OECDs triennial Program for International Student Assessment PISA, which evaluates the scholastic performance of 1. South Koreans ranked second in reading, fourth in math, and sixth in science in 2. Alongside Korea and other regional powerhouses such as China Shanghai Metro, Singapore and Hong Kong Europes Nordic countries also perform well on the PISA assessments. However, while Nordic educational success is largely attributable to well funded and high quality public schools, the success of Korean school children is often attributed to significant parental investment in after school classes and other forms of private or additional tuition outside of the public school system. Korean children spend 2. Finland and 1. 80 in the United States. By some measures, the average Korean child spends 1. According to a PISA criterion known as study effectiveness, South Korea ranks only 2. Children in Finland, the top ranked country in study effectiveness and third ranked overall, spend significantly less time in school and in studying in general than is the case in Korea. And therein lies the educational conundrum that policymakers in Korea face. They have a highly motivated and educated populace, but the system is failing to maximize the effort being put in by its students and teachers. The government has introduced reforms in recent years designed to reduce the emphasis on rote teaching methodologies focused on test taking, by lessening the importance of examination results in the university admissions process. However, there is a general consensus among policymakers that there is still a long way to go. At the university level, there is also much work to be done if the government is to raise standards at its best institutions to a world class level, as it wishes to do. According to the 2. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Koreas highest ranked university, Seoul National University, sits among the 1. The Times Higher Educations Ranking puts just six institutions in its top 4. Shanghai ranking,with Pohang University of Science and Technology 5. Seoul National University 5. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 6. Just 1. 0,0. 00 of 5. This dearth of top universities is a major contributing factor to the annual departure of tens of thousands of Korean students to overseas universities, mainly in the United States. International Mobility. The United States is far and away the most popular destination for Korean students studying overseas. Of the more than 1. U. S. universities IIE Open Doors 2. China and India, despite having a population that is less than 12. The next most popular study destination is neighboring Japan, followed by Australia, the UK and Canada. Across all levels, some 1. Korean students are currently in the United States, according to March 2. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. Source UIS Global Education Digest, 2. A phenomenon somewhat unique to education obsessed Koreans seeking English language fluency is that of the so called goose family a family that migrates in search of English language schooling, often with the father staying at home to support them. As many as 2. 00,0. Korean families are thought to have sent their pre college children abroad for an English language education, with 2. New Zealand, Australia and Canada are popular, but public schools in the United States, and Southern California in particular, are the preferred destination. In addition to English fluency, a major competitive edge in the Korean job market, parents are often looking to spare their children from the notoriously competitive and exam focused Korean school system by sending their children abroad. With regards to academic mobility into South Korea, the international student population comes almost exclusively from the Asia Pacific region, with well over 5. China. This represents a significant increase from the 4. Korea just four years previously, and comes close to hitting government targets of attracting 1. International Branch Campuses. For those that do not want to send their children overseas for an international education, there are increasingly options closer to home. South Korea has become a magnet for international schools that are being built outside the major metropolitan areas. On the southern island of Jeju for example a number of branches of international schools from Canada and the UK have been established in recent years to give parents the option of an international education without having to leave Korea. According to current plans, 1. Western schools will have opened branch campuses by 2. Jeju Global Education City, where everyone speaks only English. The first school, North London Collegiate, broke ground for its campus in 2. Forty miles south of Seoul, the city of Songdo has been created on 1,5. Yellow Sea. Chosen for its proximity to Incheon International Airport, the development project includes Songdo Global University, which opened in 2. State University of New York at Stony Brook, with agreements in place for the launch of branch campuses of George Mason University 2. University of Utah 2. Belgiums Ghent University 2. Also in the planning stages are campuses of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and Russias prestigious St. Petersburg State University 2. World Class University Program. Koreas World Class University program is an approximately US6. Under the scope of the program, international academics have been invited to submit applications to establish new academic programs and conduct joint research at 3. Korean universities in fields of emerging technologies. The program has attracted applications from over 1,0. United States, with almost 3. According to the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, which administers the program, 1. Nobel laureates, 1. U. S. National Academy of Science and 1.