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Max Steel 2. 01. TV Series Max Steel Reboot Wiki. Max Steel 2. 01. TV Series, also known as Max Steel or Max Steel Reboot, is a canadian animated series produced by Mattel Playground Productions, Nerd Corps Entertainment, and Fremantle. DEWALT DCK280C2 20Volt Max LiIon 1. Ah Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit Power Tool Combo Packs Amazon. Media. The series is loosely based on the 2. Mattel with the same name. The series originally premiered March 2. Disney XD. Plot Season 1 Main Article Season 1. How To Install Microsoft Office 2013 On Kali Linux more. After moving to Copper Canyon, a normal teenager known as Maxwell Mc. Oct 21 2009 30 Day Guarantee Privacy Testimonials Add URL Contact Us Sitemap Cyberbrands. The As Seen On TV Store for youGrath starts a whole new life with his mother. However, Max discovers that he is capable of generating a energy known as T. U. R. B. O. Energy, the most powerful yet destructive energy known on Earth. He fortunately meets Steel, one of the Ultralinks alien technology that helps Max in controlling this energy. Together, when they ultralink, they create the superhero Max Steel, who will protect the world from all kinds of villains and try to discover more about their mysterious past that Maxs uncle and mother refuses to talk about and also keep their secret identity. Induction Loop Kits make a great TV Listening System Hear clear TV sound sent directly to your ears Smallarea hearing loop for home, office, reception. Wireless Coax Cable TV Tuner System With IR Remote Extender. L_large.jpg?v=1488598432' alt='Kit Tv Max' title='Kit Tv Max' />Maxwell Max Joseph Lightwood was the second son and youngest child of Maryse and Robert. MM02_Mad-Max-Car.jpg' alt='Download Kit Tv Max' title='Download Kit Tv Max' />Season 2 Main Article Season 2. After Max and Steel get some answers about their pasts, they must face a new enemy known as Makino, the deadly leader of the Ultralinks, programmed to conquer and destroy worlds. Besides fighting against old enemies, Max and Steel will fight against new ones and still will have to keep his secret identity from his friends and discover what secret Ferrus is trying to hide. List of Episodes The series initially premiered on March 2. TV movies sometimes released with toys released in each year, usually being two or more movies. These movies were split into episodes by CITV in UK. Each season had the total of twenty six episodes which equal to fifty two episodes, each having twenty to twenty two minutes. See also List of Season 1 Episodes. Come Together Part One. Come Together Part Two. Come Together Part Three. Cleaning House. Secret Identity Crisis. C. Y. T. R. O AttacksHard Water. The Thrill of the Hunt. Extroyer Unleashed. Live by the Sword. Supermania. Uncle Sam Wants You Elements of Surprise Part One. Elements of Surprise Part Two. Driven. The Truth Hurts. The Secret Admirer. Scrambled. X Marks the Spot. Gone FishinMaking the Grade. Split Decisions. Pick Your Poison. Thanks, I Think. Earth Under Siege Part One. Earth Under Siege Part Two. See Also List of Season 2 Episodes. Ultralink Invasion Part One. Ultralink Invasion Part Two. Dredd Ascendant. Toxic Relationship. Full Metal Racket. Animal Attraction. Turbo Deep Star Sea. The Ultralink Hunter. Digital Meltdown. Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon. Hot Zone. Lights, Camera, Max The Legend of Jaem Mkrah. Makino Strikes Part One. Makino Strikes Part Two. Got Turbo Star My Best Friend is an Ultralink. Me, Myself, and Extroyer. Definitely Fear the Reaper. Turbolt the Terrible. Reprogrammed. A Germ of an Idea. Fugitives. The Great Turbo Star Caper. The Final Countdown Part One. The Final Countdown Part Two. Movies. The first live action movie was announced in 2. Paramount Pictures bought the film rights of Max Steel, with the director Joe Roth to produce it. However, when the reboot was announced, the film was suspended. In 2. 01. 3, the movie rights of Max Steel had expired, and Mattel partnered with Dolphin Entertainment to finance the film. Christopher Yost was set to write the script while Stewart Hendler has been attached to direct. Mattel later revived the plans to produce the movie, and set Open Road Films to distribute the film later in 2. Later, on 2. 01. 5, Mattel announced new content, consisting in more than 8. Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Max Steel was between the content, featuring three new movies Max Steel The Dawn of Morphos, Max Steel The Wrath of Makino, and Max Steel Maximum Morphos, each having 4. So far, the movies only aired on Latin America, unlike other films announced by Mattel. In October 2. 01. Mattel announced again their new content for 2. Two more movies were announced, being those Max Steel Team Turbo Tek and Max Steel Team Turbo Fusion Tek. Development. Merchandise. Featured article Action Figures. In addition to the animated series and games, Max Steel is accompanied by a toy line of action figures, whose its designs varies greatly from the original figures of Max Steel. The biggest change is Maxs design he has a more youthful look and his size has shrunk a few inches compared to the villains. Later on 2. 01. 6, Max got older and he has the same size as the other characters in the toy line. Additionally, the toy line suffered a big change in 2. Max getting a variert of new outfits rather than his Turbo Modes and others. In Latin America, the toy line was initially divided into three sublines and the figures were very different than U. S. A. and the rest of the worlds releases with the biggest and most notable differences being the size, details and articulation. The toy line is based in the shows arcs and story, but in 2. Team Turbo and Team Turbo Fusion Tek movies. In Latin America, the toy line was divided into three sublines, being those Strength, Speed and Stealth, each being named after Maxs Turbo Modes. In U. S. A. and the rest of the world, the 6 inch toy line was released, initially containing approximatelly eight or more characters and later Rise of Elementor, based on the game with the same name. Additionally, a toy line known as Turbo Battlers were also released around the world, but they were eventually cancelled. In 2. 01. 4, the toy line was divided once again on three sublines, being those Aerial Invasion, Aqua Invasion and Land Invasion, all being based off on the events of the second season, marked by the Ultralink Invasion. The 6 inch toy line was again released in U. S. A. and the rest of the world, but this time the figures were more detailed, contained a variety of gimmicks and came with more accessories. In the mid of 2. 01. In 2. 01. 5, the toy line was divided into three sublines, being those Battle Tek, Connect Tek and Transform Tek. Each toy in their respective subline made a reference to its name, Battle Tek included toys with heavy weaponry, Connect Tek included toys with interchangeable accessories and Transform Tek included toys with a transformation process. With the upcoming live action movie, Mattel released few action figures based on the characters. The figures were more realistic but they still had the same molds used in the TV series toys. There was also a upcoming toy line known as Ultra Turbo Battlers released in the beginning of the year, but they were cancelled alongside with other toys. In 2. 01. 6, the toy line had the most notable changes in terms of sublines and toy designs. There is only one subline, which is Connect Tek. A device with the same name was introduced in the series and had a very important role. Most of the toys were based on the Team Turbo and Team Turbo Fusion Tek movies released in 2. Team Turbo appearing the sides of the box and the logo in the front. In the mid of 2. 01. Mattel released new toys of the upcoming live action movie on UK. It is unknown if it was released in the rest of the world. Graphic Novels. In 2. Mattel made a partnership with VIZ Media. The result were three graphic novels released in 2. USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. The price of each graphic novel was 7. USD and were written by renowned artists and illustrators of the comic book world. Bonus Clips. Featured article Bonus Clips. Mattel made new bonus clips of the new TV series, each having 1 minutes and 3.