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Toad License Key Crack' title='Toad License Key Crack' />Wikipedia Scots English Scots dictionar Wikipedia. Fowk shuid keep this dictionar in alphabetical order A, AA, AAB, AC an so on, uisin RRSSC. Mind that thares airtins til the RRSSC leets o common wirds at the end o the page. Thir pages micht be mair helpfu gin ye ken a common Inglis wird but ye canna think on the Scots ane for it, but ye aye hiv tae be awaur o the fact as weill that Scots an English shares up tae 8. ThumbsPlus.9.Build.39191.jpg' alt='Toad License Key Crack' title='Toad License Key Crack' />Piece Search Create your own collection results by filling in as many of the below fields as youd like. Temporary comment Inglis is the old word for Scots. It doesnt mean English. Curso De Filosofia Politica Eduardo Bittar Pdf more. By the early 1. 6th century what was then called Inglis had become the language of government, and its speakers started to refer to it as Scottis and to Scottish Gaelic, which had previously been titled Scottis, as Erse Irish. Slang words the likes o Irvine Welsh uises can be fund at Scots slang. A IAboot Physically about, Approximately, AroundAbuin AboveAe adjectival form of Ane, OneAfore BeforeAff OffAffa Awful, very, manyAgley Off line, astray rarely used, but well known from a famous Burns poemAhint BehindAik Oak cf Dutch eikAin Own, adj. Aiple, Epple AppleAirticle ArticleAiya, ouch Expression of pain or distressAllou AllowAmang AmongstAn AndAn InAne Noun form of One, also pronounced yin, wan or een depending on dialectAnent Logically About, Concerning, on the subject of more literary than spokenithin Within Spelling veriation of WiinAthort Across, Over rarely used, Ower is the normal word for this in ScotsAtween BetweenAuld OldAw AllAwbody EveryoneAwfu Awful, very, terribleAwthing EverthingAwn to possessAye Still, AlwaysAy YesBairn Child see WeanBaith BothBam, Bampot Crazy person, ManiacBane BoneBap bread roll bap is more NE or Ulster Scots, word is also used in parts of England2 and Wales,3 roll of bread is more the norm in anglicised central ScotlandBarrae WheelbarrowBarkit DirtyBatters Cover for a BookBak bakeBaxter baker archaicBealin Very angryBen Mountain in Scotland Gaelic loanwordBeuk BookBere BarleyBesom Floor brush, unpleasant adult female, can be a fond term for a mischievous female child as in youre a wee besomBide stay at, live at, remainBidie in a co habitant, particularly a live in sexual partnerBing Heap, Pile, Coal tipBig BuildBiggin BuildingBirk Birch treeBirlin SpinningBlate ShyBlaw BlowBlether Babble, Talk NonsenseBluid BloodBonny, Bonnie Beautiful Often used about attractive younger females, Shes a bonnie lassie and about ScotlandBonxie Great Skua mainly in Insular Scots spoken over birds natural habitat rangeBowk throw up, pronounced boke in some dialectsBowfin DisgustingBrae steep hillBraid BroadBridie Meaty pastry originally produced in the Forfar areaBraw Fine, HandsomeBree SoupBreid BreadBreeks TrousersBrewster Brewer, archaicBrig Bridge cf Dutch brugBrock badgerBunnet flat cap, often made from tweed fabric, and now other hats in generalBurn streamButterie North East word for a buttery bread rollByke Bees or Wasps nest, HiveByle BoilByre Cow shedCaw to Call, to Drive something over or inCaipital CapitalCairt MapCanna CantCannie Careful, skilfulCarse River bank land, flood plainCauld, Call ColdCeety CityChap Knockteuchter pejorative for Country person or Highlander, BumpkinClaes ClothesClart coat, cover She clartit her piece wi jam He clartit himsel wi dubs. Clarty extremely dirty as if coated with mudCleg gadflyCleuch, Gorge, RavineCloot clothClout, Clowt strike, hit, a nailCludgie Slang for lavatoryClype Tell tale cf Flemish klappenCou CowCoont CountCorbie RavenCorn OatsCouthie Agreeable, ComfortableCowp Tip overCraiter CreatureCrabbit Bad temperedCrackChat, Banter primarily Ulster Scots but Aiberdeen awa fowk aften caws the crackCraw CrowCry Call, NameCuddie Donkey, wee horseDee DoDaft Silly, FoolishDee DoDeet DiedDeith Death can have Strae added if a Natural DeathDeid DeadDeif DeafDeaved Deafened, BoredDeuk DuckDelite Delight not Delicht as non native speakers sometimes think based on false analogyDidna did notDinna do notDisna does notDint Hit or knockDiv NE emphatic form of DaeDicht CleanDochter DaughterDoitit SenileDou PigeonDouk a swim, dipping in water as a duckDoun downDoun ih stair downstairs note Scots uses the singular unlike EnglishDour Sullen, Grim, SternDreich Dull often used in connection with the weather or the landscapeDroukit soaking wetDrouth thirstDubs PuddlesDug DogDunderheid Idiot, One of Slow WitDwaum Swoon, Fainting spell, DaydreamDyke WallEast EastEaster Eastern particularly in traditional Scots placenamesEmmers EmbersErse Irish, archaicExpone expound, explainFae From whit folk says in spoken ScotsFaimily FamilyFair QuiteFaither FatherFantasy FantasyFank Sheep Fold Gaelic LoanwordFankle Becoming entangled, an entanglement or tricky situationFaw FallFecht FightFuil fool, CrazyFerm FarmFinger Finger soft rather than a hard g in Scots as in GermanFitbaw FootballFluir FloorFlee FlyFlech FleaFleg frightFrae From archaeic an leeterar Scots formFowkFolk, People, pronounced foke in some dialects Used where English speakers tend to say People, marked regional difference in pronounciation is not always related to Anglicising trend in modern speechForenuin ForenoonForrit ForwardsForfochten Tired OutForgaither forgatherFou full, suffix fu. Campaign Mapper Patch. Foostie Decayed, Gone offFouter Fiddle about, Tamper withFower FourFykie Fussy, ComplicatedGadgie Guy Romany loanwordGae, Gang GoGallus Daring, Cheeky, ImpishGailey Ship, archaic Ship is a traditional Scots word as well as an English oneGairden GardenGate Road, wayGaun GoGean Wild cherry treeGemm GameGey VeryGhaist GhostGie GiveGlaikit foolish, daftGlaur Wet mud, ClayGlebe Land attached to a kirk for use by the ministerGloamin TwilightGlower FrownGowan DaisyGowk IdiotGreet Cry, WeepGrund GroundGuddle Catching fish by hand in a streamGuff Bad smellGutties training or gym shoes, running shoes, sneakers perhaps from gutta perchaGuid GoodGuidbrither Brother in LawGuidfaither Father in LawGuidman Husband archaic now usually just ma Man for my husbandGuidwife Wife archaicHaw A large manor, a HallHaar Thick mist, usually cold, typically blowing in from the seaHae HaveHaiverTalk NonsenseHaver The oatHale WholeHalesome NutritiousHame homeHauch Low lying ground in a rivers flood plane, meadow gh spelling tends to be used in placenamesHaud HoldHauf HalfHaund, Haunds HandsHeich, Hie High guttural sound unusual in modern speechHeid HeadHeider Header footballHielands HighlandsHen Hen, chicken meatHing HangHippin Nappy, DiaperHiv Have emphatic particularly in central beltHotchin Heaving, adjectival description of a busy locationHou, Hou come Whit weyHoose, HouseHowff Pub, Shelter, a favourite place to hang out a burial groundHowk Dig particularly used for harvest of potatoes, pronounced hoke in some dialectsHumph Hump, Carry a heavy loadHurl Go for a ride, e. 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