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Fonts for repeating fractions. Commview Drivers Realtek Driver. MHello,I am not at all a mathematician, but I am writing a text on the significance of the numbers used in the New Testament, and I have a couple of simple problems that I would be really grateful for help with. I will post two threads, if that is alright, as the two questions are not related. The first question relates to formatting specifically to mathematical fonts. I use Microsoft WORD documents, and do not have other options available to me. In a WORD 2. 00. I want to use mathematical notation for recurring or repeating decimal fractions e. VMziwfTrs4w/UlCoWf9XTVI/AAAAAAAACIo/1R9VdN7zxjI/s640/103_3003.JPG' alt='Vinculum Symbol Microsoft Word' title='Vinculum Symbol Microsoft Word' />The notation that I am used to from my schooldays is 0. I understand that in some places a line over the numeral is used rather than a dot. I have searched the Microsoft symbol fonts and cannot find what I want i. Other online searches have not helped either. Can I download a Microsoft compatible font from somewhere that would have these basic mathematical characters The first question is as simple as that Many thanks. James. How to Get a Division Bracket in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word can help you write everything from books to academic papers. Included in Microsoft Word 2. Word documents. Whether you want to show a stacked fraction a traditional division symbol with one number above the other or a linear fraction with a common slash symbol, the equation editor can handle it all. Type equations into Word with the Equation Editor. Step. Click the Insert tab. Step. Click the arrow next to Equation and then click Insert new equation. Step. Click the type of division sign you want to insert into the document. For example, click Fraction and then click Stacked Fraction or Linear Fraction, depending upon how you want your division symbol to look. BrnBfB8Kbm8/Vbl_QtzxAEI/AAAAAAAAjMQ/NWwQl6AKx6A/s640/Pi%2BClock%2BSign.JPG' alt='Vinculum Symbol Microsoft Word' title='Vinculum Symbol Microsoft Word' />Vinculum symbol Source http Computer entry of the symbol. The vinculum can be formed in Unicode by using the combining overline. In Microsoft Word. How do you create the symbol for a repeating decimal in pages please How do you create the symbol for a repeating decimal. If its the vinculum. Vinculum Symbol Microsoft Word' title='Vinculum Symbol Microsoft Word' />How to Insert Symbols in an MS Word Document. This wikiHow teaches you how to place a symbol, such as the copyright symbol or the division sign, in a Microsoft Word. How to Insert Special Characters and Symbols in Word 2010. Microsoft Office Word. Word 2010 For Dummies. CharMap8Wikipedia.png' alt='Vinculum Symbol Microsoft Word' title='Vinculum Symbol Microsoft Word' />In Word 2003, the Svinculum doesnt look so hot. The overline is shifted a bit to the right. Infinity symbol below the letter 032D character below the letter. Vinculum. In mathematics, an overline can be used as a. An overlinelike symbol is traditionally used in Syriac text to mark. In Microsoft Word.