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How to Prepare and Train to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Our trips begin in Moshi, Tanzania. Moshi is a town located on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro International Airport JRO The most convenient way to travel to Tanzania is to fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport Airport Code JRO. Dar-Es-Salaam-Road-Map.mediumthumb.jpg' alt='Zip Code Of Arusha Tanzania' title='Zip Code Of Arusha Tanzania' />Zip Code Of Arusha TanzaniaZip Code Of Arusha TanzaniaWe offer free pick up from the airport and will take you to your hotel. Local contact numbers and details on how to meet up with our staff will be distributed upon booking. From North America, there are two main ways clients arrive at JRO. The first and most popular way is to fly KLMDelta from a major US city to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam to JRO Airport. There is one flight per day that arrives in JRO at around 7 3. Africa Tours including safaris, the pyramids and much more from the travel professionals at Tauck. Learn more about Africa Tours at Tauck. Explore the number of itineraries and departure dates. Travkart offers best deals for fixed departures, flight tickets, hotels, holiday packages for India and. You will get to know the Ngurdoto Crater, Momella Lakes, highland montane forest, and the rugged Mount Meru. The park has a wealth of wildlife including Colobus. When arriving on this flight, we estimate that it will take you one hour to get your visa and bags. You will get to your hotel in Moshi around 9 3. The second most popular way is to fly to Washington D. C. and then catch an Ethiopian Air flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and them from there to JRO. This flight will bring you into JRO at around 1 0. Arusha Airport ARK Arusha has a small airport within the city. Flights into and out of this airport are very limited, but if you are coming from a nearby country or Zanzibar this may be an option for you. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport NBO Some clients choose to arrive in Nairobi, Kenya. From Nairobi, you can take a daily shuttle bus to Arusha for under 5. USD.   The ride is about 4 5 hours. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Curious George at Lower Ossington Theatre Mainstage Oct 14, 2017 0100 pm Premium Tix. Viagens e turismo Minube uma comunidade de viajantes e turistas onde inspirarse sobre destinos e partilhar as suas viagens. You will need to take the bus to Moshi which costs about 7. USD and is about 6 7 hours. We do not provide any transportation to or from Nairobi. Clients must arrange this transportation themselves. The map below will give you a good idea of the locations of the airports and their relation to the cities and Mt. Kilimanjaro.   Also, if you are interested in adding a safari, the locations of the parks are also shown. Frequently Asked Questions African Dream Safaris. The East African Wildlife is the most practical and useful field guide available on the flora and fauna of East Africa. It is a must for every wildlife enthusiast embarking on a safari to Tanzania This new visitors guide provides a colorful overview of the regions variety of large mammals together with an insight into their habits and habitats. The book also provides an excellent introduction to the regions less heralded variety of small stuff including 1,5. Accessible and beautifully illustrated, the guide will appeal both to the first time visitor and to the serious naturalist seeking a compact volume to carry around. Our favorite aspect of this field guide is the fact that all photos were taken in East Africa and stock photos or photos from other regions in Africa were not used. Wildlife of East Africa by Martin B. Withers and David Hosiking. This handy little field guide is the perfect match for those mainly interested in animal identification and short descriptions on each species behavior and ecology. This is a compact and concise field guide with beautiful color photographs and descriptions identifying each animal. The Wildlife of East Africa includes mammals, birds, plants and reptiles and focuses on East Africa making it extremely useful while out on safari in Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda. The color pictures and easy to read descriptions are extremely helpful in terms of identifying common animal species that are similar in appearance. For example, there are several species of regularly encountered antelopes that look similar to each other at first glance including the Grants Gazelle, Thomsons Gazelle, Steenbok, Oribi, Reedbuck, Klipspringer, Duiker and Dik Dik. Your safari guide will certainly be impressed as you call out each species with the use of this handy little field guide by your side. The Safari Companion by Richard D. Estes. The Safari Companion is the most comprehensive field guide on African mammals. A detailed analysis is provided on each mammal excludes birds, reptiles and plants that you will encounter on your safari. Black and white sketches and descriptions are provided for each animal as well as information on each particular animals social mating system, reproduction, communication and ecology. There is also a superb and fascinating discussion on each animals behavior. A downside with this guide is the poor black and white sketches with regards to identifying common animals species. Another minor problem with the Safari Companion is that it covers all of Africa and can be a bit complicated for first time visitor to East Africa. Research Books and Field Studys. Serengeti Dynamics of an Ecosystem by A. R. E. Sinclair and M. Nortons Griffiths. Serengeti II Dynamics, Management and Conservation of an Ecosystem. The Serengeti and Serengeti II combine to form the authoritative literature on the Serengeti Ecosystem, which is the most famous, abundant and diverse ecosystem in all of Africa. Both are a product of over 4. Serengeti. The books are a collection of short essays including such topics as the wildebeest, zebra and gazelle migration, the Serengeti environment, plants and herbivory, herbivores and predation, predator demography and behavior and conservation and management. The Serengeti and Serengeti II are best purchased together and are highly recommended. The Serengeti Lion by George B. Schaller. This legendary and groundbreaking book details George Schallers observations and conclusions from his long term study of the Serengeti lions from 1. Schallers study was groundbreaking in that he was able to explain many aspects of lion society. However, the most important aspect of his study was that his findings proved that predators mainly lion, hyena, leopard, cheetah and wild dog did not limit the population sizes of their prey species. This may seem a minor conclusion but keep in mind that for decades park game wardens used to shoot predators, particularly wild dogs, as it was believed that they would decimate prey populations wildebeest, zebra, gazelles, etc. We now know, as Schaller clearly showed in his study, that it is not necessary to regulate carnivores to ensure large populations of herbivores. Most herbivore populations are indeed limited by dry season forage and not carnivores. The Serengeti lions that inhabit the area around Seronera have been continuously studied since 1. Schaller began his work. Though there have been significant changes to the Serengeti since the 1. Rinderpest, the research and conclusions remain valid and the book is still the authoritative literature on the Serengeti lion. You will find references to Schallers work in just about every subsequent research study in the Serengeti. The pride structure, behavior and hunting tactics and much more are described in detail. Additionally, a few of the Serengetis other predators are described in lesser detail including the Leopard, Cheetah, Hyena and the now locally extinct Wild Dog. The Serengeti Lion is a must read for every lion fanatic. Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plains by T. M. Caro. T. M. Caro documents nine years of research 1. Serengeti National Park. This Serengeti cheetah is notably different then the cheetahs that inhabit other parts of Africa in that the majority of the cheetahs found in the Serengeti are migratory. Most of the Serengeti cheetahs follow the Thomsons gazelle migration from the western and central woodlands in the dry season to the eastern and southern plains during the green season. This book describes in detail cheetah behavior, reproduction, range, hunting tactics and conservation. This is a superb book and reading it will greatly enhance your enjoyment of cheetah viewing. The Spotted Hyena A Study of Predation and Social Behavior by Hans Kruuk. Hans Kruuk lived in the Serengeti between 1. Serengeti National Park as well as the nearby Ngorongoro Crater. This was the first study ever conducted on hyenas and remains the most comprehensive and authoritative literature on hyenas. This is a wonderful book and the discussions about hunting behavior, clan society and mating rituals are captivating. Spotted hyenas are fascinating animals and completely misunderstood. Hans Kruuks well written book offers a glimpse into the hyenas mysterious life and his findings are enlightening. Hyenas are capable hunters and in fact this study showed that they killed 7. Serengeti and an astonishing 9. Ngorongoro Crater. Hyenas are the most successful predator in the Serengeti and truly fascinating to watch if you know their behavior. They live in complex societies like lions called clans but the females are at the top and are actually larger then males and possess external genitalia. Tmpgenc Dvd Author 4 With Divx Authoring. Most people tend to think of them as scavengers. Though they are well adapted to scavenging, they are more likely to kill their own food even adult zebras and lions actually scavenge more from hyenas then vice versus. Safari Memoirs and Journals. My Serengeti Years Memoirs of an African Game Warden by Myles TurnerMy Serengeti Years is arguable the best book ever written about the Serengeti. This is wonderful first hand account of the Serengeti from the unique perspective of an ex big game hunter turned stern conservationist. Myles account of his 1. Serengeti is packed full of fascinating wildlife stories including close encounters with infuriated rhinos, fearless honey badgers and deadly poachers.